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- 09/23/2015 Mid Autum Festial and we are celebrating the 3 Year Birthday party here too! See our peom Contest - 02/01/2015 New Year's Peom Contest : We have created 80 Peom for the Chinese New Year 2015! See our peom

- 07/01/2014 2014 Article Contest :The Past and The FutureSee Some of Our Stories

- 06/21/2014 Albany Strawberry Picking, NY State Museum, Empire PlazaView Photos

- 06/11/2014 Father's Day and Birthday PartyView Photos

- 05/04/2014 Connecticut Culture Trip, Yale University, Hartford, Submarine MuseumView Photos

- 05/09/2014 Mother's Day Fashionshow Party.View Photos

- 01/01/2014 New Year's Day Tea Party in Chinatown.View Photos

- 12/28/2013 The Second Photography and Poetry Contest See Our Winners

- 12/24/2013 Christmas Eve Party in Sunshine Center Share our joys

- 11/28/2013 NYC Manhattan Culture Trip, Wall Street, World Trade Center, Lincoln Center, Central Park, Times Square, 5th Ave... View Photos

- 09/22/2013 Fall New Jersey Culture and Pear Picking Trip : Edision Tower, Princeton University, Einstein House, Evergreen Farm for Pear Picking. View Photos

- 07/21/2013 Health Seminar - Summer Skin Care for the Senior. Presented by Professor Yin. View Photos

- 06/01/2013 Photography and Poetry Contest, we have received many photographys and poems for this event, Here are our winners.

- 05/04/2013 Spring NYC Culture Trip : Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Long Island, Queens Corona ParkView Photos

- 04/08/2013 Spring Historical Trip : Philadelphia Fairmount Park, Chinatown, The United States Mint at Philadelphia, Independence Mall State Park View Photos

- 12/20/2012 Christmas and New Year Party, Games, Awards for Members of the Year in different fields. View Photos

- 10/28/2012 Open House Day, Free lunch, Games, Gifts, Forums. During the Open Days, Master Lin and her students performed Taichiquan, Taichi Fan, and Tao's Fuochen; Master Zhou, the Champion of US International Martial Art Competition 2012, performed Taichiquan - Yang Style, Taichi Sword, and WuDang Gongfu; Dr. Wu Rohui hosted a health forum. Photos

- 10/20/2012 New York Upstate Trip. Click here for Detail Trip Plan

- 09/23/2012 Grand Opening Ceremory. View Photos on 75one.cn